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version 1.1

Toggle Symmetry Polygon

実行すると [X=0] に近いポイントを [X=0] にして、左側が削除されます。
左側が無い場合、0.001 でシンメトリーポリゴン。


デフォルトではGlobal位置で計算されます。SHIFT/CTRL/ALT を押しながら実行するとLocalになります。



All the points that are close to X=0 in the selected object will be moved to 0. Then, the left side of the object will be deleted (X<0). If there is no left side, it will create a Symmetry Polygon with 0.001 of tolerance.

The zero range can be edited with the script editor. The default value is 0.05 and it means that all those points that are between -0.05 and 0.05 will be moved to 0. The optimal range will depend on your model size and polygon count.

Warning. If there is a point that should be in X=0 but it's outside the zero range (ex: -0.011) it will be deleted.

By default this script works with global positions. If you press execute this script while pressing SHIFT, ALT or CTRL, it will change to local positions.

Install Instructions:
This is a normal script. You will need save it somewhere in your HDD and drag & drop into a shelf or toolbar to create a button. You can also run it from the script editor.

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